Satellite internet Service

Via Satelital E.I.R.L started activities in March 2006, currently has 10 years of experience in the telecommunications market. In all these years he dedicated himself to the commercialization of telecommunications equipment and devices. Currently it has a National and International Long Distance Carrier Concession granted by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of Peru (MTC) and authorizing it to operate throughout the national territory.

Via Satelital E.I.R.L directly imports telecommunications equipment and devices from overseas suppliers, from the Idirect, Skyware Global, Prodelin, JRC and other brands, for the installation of satellite dishes with Internet connectivity in rural areas. We work with Satmex 6, Satmex 7 and Hispasat satellites.

Our service is oriented to Municipalities, Educational Management Units, Health Centers, Mining Companies, Non-Governmental Organizations, and other private companies located in the interior of the country.