Satellite Alsat-2A (Algeria Satellite 2A) of Centre National des Techniques Spatiales (CNTS)

Name of Satellite, Alternate Names Alsat-2A (Algeria Satellite 2A)
Country of Operator/Owner Algeria
Operator/Owner Centre National des Techniques Spatiales (CNTS)
Users Government
Purpose Earth Observation
Class of Orbit LEO
Type of Orbit Sun-Synchronous
Longitude of GEO (degrees) 0
Perigee (km) 672
Apogee (km) 674
Eccentricity 0.000141984949595343
Inclination (degrees) 98.1
Period (minutes) 98.2
Launch Mass (kg.) 130
Dry Mass (kg.)
Power (watts)
Date of Launch 12-07-2010
Expected Lifetime 5 yrs.
Contractor EADS Astrium
Country of Contractor France/UK/Germany/Spain
Launch Site Sriharikota Launch Station
Launch Vehicle PSLV
COSPAR Number 2010-035D
NORAD Number 36798
Comments The system will enable Algeria to obtain very high quality images for use in a wide variety of applications: cartography, management of agriculture, forestry, water, mineral and oil resources, crop protection, management of natural disasters and land planning.

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