Satellite Cassiope (CAScade SmallSat and Ionospheric Polar Explorer) of Canadian Space Agency

Name of Satellite, Alternate Names Cassiope (CAScade SmallSat and Ionospheric Polar Explorer)
Country of Operator/Owner Canada
Operator/Owner Canadian Space Agency
Users Government
Purpose Earth Science
Class of Orbit Elliptical
Type of Orbit
Longitude of GEO (degrees) 0
Perigee (km) 325
Apogee (km) 1486
Eccentricity 0.079788330698921
Inclination (degrees) 81
Period (minutes) 103.11
Launch Mass (kg.) 490
Dry Mass (kg.)
Power (watts) 600
Date of Launch 29-09-2013
Expected Lifetime 2 yrs.
Contractor Canadian Space Agency
Country of Contractor Canada
Launch Site Vandenberg AFB
Launch Vehicle Falcon 9
COSPAR Number 2013-055A
NORAD Number 39265
Comments Study the effect of solar storms on radio communications, satellite navigation and other ground-based technologies.


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