Satellite Gonets M-13 of Gonets Satcom

Name of Satellite, Alternate Names Gonets M-13
Country of Operator/Owner Russia
Operator/Owner Gonets Satcom
Users Commercial/Government
Purpose Communications
Class of Orbit LEO
Type of Orbit Intermediate
Longitude of GEO (degrees) 0
Perigee (km) 1478
Apogee (km) 1510
Eccentricity 0.00203458799593082
Inclination (degrees) 82.5
Period (minutes) 115.9
Launch Mass (kg.) 270
Dry Mass (kg.)
Power (watts) 120
Date of Launch 28-07-2012
Expected Lifetime 5-7 yrs.
Contractor M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems
Country of Contractor Russia
Launch Site Plesetsk Cosmodrome
Launch Vehicle Rokot
COSPAR Number 2012-041B
NORAD Number 38734


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