Satellite Intelsat 14 (IS-14) of Intelsat, Ltd.

Name of Satellite, Alternate Names Intelsat 14 (IS-14)
Country of Operator/Owner USA
Operator/Owner Intelsat, Ltd.
Users Commercial
Purpose Communications
Class of Orbit GEO
Type of Orbit
Longitude of GEO (degrees) -45
Perigee (km) 35771
Apogee (km) 35800
Eccentricity 0.000343964607228001
Inclination (degrees) 0.02
Period (minutes) 1436.05
Launch Mass (kg.) 5613
Dry Mass (kg.) 2517
Power (watts)
Date of Launch 23-11-2009
Expected Lifetime 16 yrs.
Contractor Space Systems/Loral
Country of Contractor USA
Launch Site Cape Canaveral
Launch Vehicle Atlas
COSPAR Number 2009-064A
NORAD Number 36097
Comments 62 transponders, North and South America, Africa and Europe; will also carry an experiment for the US Department of Defense. Internet Routing in Space, or IRIS, is a technology demonstration project which will allow the satellite to perform IP routing rather than requiring a ground station to do so.


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