Satellite Mercury 1 (Advanced Vortex 1, USA 105) of National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)/USAF

Name of Satellite, Alternate Names Mercury 1 (Advanced Vortex 1, USA 105)
Country of Operator/Owner USA
Operator/Owner National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)/USAF
Users Military
Purpose Surveillance
Class of Orbit GEO
Type of Orbit
Longitude of GEO (degrees) -27.95
Perigee (km) 35598
Apogee (km) 35976
Eccentricity 0.00448324121735418
Inclination (degrees) 5.1
Period (minutes) 1436.13
Launch Mass (kg.) 8000
Dry Mass (kg.) 4000
Power (watts)
Date of Launch 27-08-1994
Expected Lifetime
Contractor Boeing Satellite Systems
Country of Contractor USA
Launch Site Cape Canaveral
Launch Vehicle Titan IVA
COSPAR Number 1994-054A
NORAD Number 23223
Comments In the $1 billion range; ELINT; signals intelligence.


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