Satellite Optus D2 of Optus Communications (Parent: Singapore Telecom)

Name of Satellite, Alternate Names Optus D2
Country of Operator/Owner Australia
Operator/Owner Optus Communications (Parent: Singapore Telecom)
Users Commercial
Purpose Communications
Class of Orbit GEO
Type of Orbit
Longitude of GEO (degrees) 152.05
Perigee (km) 35774
Apogee (km) 35799
Eccentricity 0.000296514179308055
Inclination (degrees) 0.03
Period (minutes) 1436.1
Launch Mass (kg.) 2400
Dry Mass (kg.)
Power (watts) 3800
Date of Launch 05-10-2007
Expected Lifetime 15 yrs.
Contractor Orbital Sciences Corp.
Country of Contractor USA
Launch Site Guiana Space Center
Launch Vehicle Ariane 5
COSPAR Number 2007-044A
NORAD Number 32252
Comments Direct-to-home tv services to Australia and New Zealand; 24 Ku-band transponders.


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